★ Kulturkosmos Ticket:Bourse ★

It is possible to buy a ticket here in our Kulturkosmos Ticket:Bourse.
The ticket price is 220,- €.

If you do not yet have a ticket, you can place an order for the Kulturkosmos Ticket:Bourse until Friday July 1, 11pm.
To keep things fair, only one Ticket:Bourse order may be placed per person. Anyone who registers more than 1 time will be disqualified and will lose any claim to a Fusion Ticket.
Exact details on how the Kulturkosmos Ticket:Bourse works can be found in our FAQs

Do not give money to a private person for a ticket! Payment for a Ticket:Bourse ticket goes exclusively through us, the Kulturkosmos. No one else can re-personalise a ticket. All offers outside our website are fraud!

If you are insecure or have questions, read our FAQs

Or write to us at: tickets@fusion-festival.de

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